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Anastasia Confections has led by taste and quality, since 1984, producing a series of unique products that offer nostalgic value. Often described as the classic candy of Florida, Anastasia’s Coconut Patties are products that bring back memories and flavors that take you there. The products were originally sold in tourist locations throughout the state, including local shops and theme parks. Demand for the coconut patties quickly grew and business expanded into every major airport and theme park statewide. Over the years growth continued and product distribution expanded into traditional retail outlets nationwide, suggesting that if you’ve ever been to the U.S., or specifically visited any place in Florida there is a very good chance you may have tasted one.


Coconut Patties are a perfect blend of moist coconut and delicious chocolate (available in real dark choc. or compound), topped off by just the right amount of flavor…from Original to Key Lime, Pina Colada and Rum


Anastasia is driven by a meticulous commitment to quality that follows every product through every step of the manufacturing process…

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…all to ensure that customers receive only the finest and freshest candies. Manufactured in a state of the art facility in Orlando, Florida that includes a full confectionary kitchen, enrobing lines for both chocolate and compound and machinery capable of one shot/inclusion molding, extruding and depositing. There is also 25,000 sq feet of temperate controlled storage. Product is OU Kosher certified and extensively tested to meet or exceed internationally recognized quality standards.

The demand for Coconut Patties in the U.S. follows the travel plans of “snowbirds” from the northern U.S. and Canada (late Fall) and continues throughout the summer travel from Europe. If you are looking for products that stand out on shelf, deliver great taste, premium quality and plenty of memories, look no further than Anastasia’s Coconut Patties.

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